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Heather Fazio is a passionate reader who grew up in Northern New York and has lived in Albany, the Capital District, for over 20 years. She recently published two short memoire stories title "Iron Man" and "How to Make Grilled Cheese" from the "The Court Jester and Other True Tales" series. To purchase or read for free with Kindle Unlimited, visit Heather's Amazon Author Page.

Her love for reading brought her to travel the world and she's not quite done yet! Along the way she has met amazing people, had fantastic experiences, and learned so much. All of this ties together in who she is. Much of what she reads inspires her travels., her reading, and her writing. 


It's all meshed for her at her core.

Heather began writing for Albany's local newspaper in 2015 and within a year, won 2nd place in the Best of the Capital Region bloggers. She left the newspaper in 2017 after differences in integrity. They were lacking, and doing a disservice to the wonderful bloggers who write for them for free, and for the readers who checked every day for new posts. It has given her a chance to do this, however, which is absolutely the best place for her to be.

It's also the best place for several other bloggers who talk about a variety of topics like food, marriage, family, etc., and I'm sure we have your interests covered! Head to The Blog and see what's new in a variety of categories.


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Across the top of The Blog, you will see categories such as Girl Gone Traveling, Albany New York, Girl Gone Smart, etc. Next to those is a drop down arrow where several others categories can be found. If you're interest is reading, click Girl Gone Reading. If it's dating, click Girl Gone Dating. You can always just scroll through the entire blog roll to see what catches your fancy. Never hesitate to reach out to us on the Girl Gone Smart Facebook or Instagram pages if you have questions!

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"I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives. -Jane Austen

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