Girl Gone Off: A girl, a gun, and republicans

"Activists in the US have donned the red cloaks imagined by Margaret Atwood in The Handmaid’s Tale. Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/AAP"
Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/AAP

If anyone is on Twitter you'll see "Kyle Rittenhouse" trending this morning because he has a new video game out where you shoot turkeys who say "fake news."

I want to point out the obvious - white men can cross state lines to commit serial murder and escape punishment, but the doctor who performed an abortion for a ten year old child (rape victim) who crossed state lines (to Indiana) for the procedure, is about to be charged with murder.

That ten year old child from Ohio is mercilessly being attacked by republicans and republican representatives from numerous states and has been for over week.

Tucker Carlson claimed on Fox "news" the story wasn't true. But then the rapist was arrested, and Carlson is now claiming some sort of fucked up conspiracy theory about immigration and sanctuary cities.

Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said it was a fake story.

Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio) said he's surprised a 10 year old could get pregnant.

Debbie Lasko (R-Arizona) said she didn't think she "was able to have children" when she was 10.

Roger Williams (R-Texas) said its god's choice because now there are two babies involved so it's "a tough one."

I can add twenty more...

Imagine, as this child grows up, learning that a loud chorus of people first denied your pain and then refused to apologize for doubting it. Will she go public at some point? Will she feel she has to? Will she be the "new" face and body of this indisputable nightmare of a SCOTUS decision?

If you still plan to vote republican at any level of government, understand this is who you are and where you stand.

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