Girl Gone Eating: I Found Jesus in a Bowl of Potatoes

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

I’m not religious, but this morning I found Jesus in a bowl of potatoes. I normally save reviews of restaurants for their actual pages where they welcome feedback, and I do not plan to blog about places I eat – I'm not a food critic – but I know good food when I have it. This morning’s brunch at Navona on New Scotland Avenue in Albany was out of this world.

I almost don’t want to publish this because I selfishly don’t want to wait for a table during Sunday brunch, but when something is this good, it should be shared.

My friend Nicole started with the Bloody Mary. Look at it. Just look. According to the menu you can order by the pitcher so if your brunch companions are in the mood – make it a big one!

Navona Bloody Mary (Image owned by GGS.)

We both had their Cheese Puddle Omelette with house pulled mozzarella, caciocavallo cheese, roasted garlic & ricotta. I’m neurotic about eggs and this was cooked perfectly. Nicole had their black pepper bacon and I had their regular bacon. Neither of us were disappointed in the least. It was a healthy serving for both of us.

Cheese Puddle Omelette and bacon (Image owned by GGS.)

But the potatoes. I almost didn’t order them because I figured my eyes were bigger than my stomach, but as you already know, I’m so glad I did. These are not your average breakfast potatoes. They were not perfectly square frozen things that fly off your plate when you try to stab one with a fork. They're not the half-cooked potatoes topped with bits of onion and red pepper.

They’re real. They’re homemade. The onions are perfectly caramelized. I had Nicole try them and she immediately flagged down our waitress to order her own bowl. Get ready to clutch your pearls and slap your Bible on the table or slap the person sitting next to you.

If you go, let me know how you like it!

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