Girl Gone Aging: Things we don't talk about but really should.

Starting in my early 30's my hair started visibly thinning. I tried everything out there to help with it: rogaine, biotin with keratin, different shampoos that claimed to thicken hair and finally just wearing hats all the time. It just finally got to the point where when I was having conversations with people I could see they were looking at my thinning hair constantly.

As a woman this ruined any self esteem I had. Then on top of that since I was always

wearing hats I couldn't wear any cute clothes as wearing a baseball hat with a dress just doesn't work. This is turn made me feel even worse about myself.

Finally I decided to buy a cheap wig on Amazon and just see how I felt about wearing one. I bought one for around $15 and let me tell you what a huge difference it made. I could wear cute outfits again and just felt all around better about how I looked, I got all my confidence back. So I bought a few more wigs. Then I decided I might as well just shave my head since it made it so much easier. Getting ready in the morning I just put on whatever wig I want to wear, brush it and I'm out the door.

The reason I am sharing this with you is that yesterday at work I was helping on woman who commented on how pretty my hair was and as always my response was "it's a wig". She was blown away. She started telling me about how she had cancer and was losing her hair, how she could only wear hats, pretty much the same story I just told you. She thought about getting a wig, but didn't know where to start. So I told her my story and what I did, I encouraged her to do what I did and just buy a cheap one on Amazon or where ever. By the end of our conversation this woman was in tears and asked if she could hug me and thanked me.

You just never know when what you share with someone will help them. Don't be afraid to share your story with people. I know this is something at least for me that was really hard to talk about to people st first. I was embarrassed and ashamed. But I've always been very open about it and it makes it a bit easier. I wanted to share it with all you because I saw what a difference in made in one woman's day and hope maybe I can help more people out there. Here's a picture of me in all my shaved head glory with a couple of my beautiful friends.

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