Girl Gone Authentic: It's the Little Things

There are “big” things I love about my fiance’ David. He is pretty calm and soothing, he’s hilarious, and he strives to be a good man and father. There are other “big” things, but what I am writing about today are all the “little things” that I love about him.

We were going for a Sunday drive yesterday, and I stared at our arms for a few minutes. I love the way our arms look together when they are side by side. His is big and manly, with dark hairs, and mine is a bit smaller, womanly, and has fairly light hairs on it. I also love that he holds my hand or puts his hand over mine when we are in the car.

I love that he always greets me with a hug and a kiss whenever he or I get home from work, running errands, etc. Even if I have to wait for a few seconds for him to finish up something on a video game (haha), he still makes sure that we properly acknowledge each other’s presence.

I love that he can toss out quotes to movies such as “Taladega Nights,” “Stepbrothers,” “The Hangover,” etc. In fact, before we went on our first date, we spent an evening texting movie quotes back and forth. We shared our first kiss as a current couple while watching “The Hangover” (obviously I’m not referring to our FIRST kiss, which I talked about in a blog post awhile back).

There are so many other “little things” that I love about David; I’ll list a few more here:

• Whenever we go out to dinner or dessert, he always offers me a bite of his food

• He kisses my forehead

• He randomly calls/texts to see how my day is going and/or to tell me he loves me

• Our inside jokes

• How he teases me over my Diet Coke addiction

• When I catch him watching me while I’m getting dressed

• How he never stops surprising me

Here’s to a lifetime of little things!