Girl Gone Drinking: The Black Widow

Welcome to Candace cocktail hour!

In my former life I was a bartender for something like eight years. I made tons and tons of fancy drinks but never tried most. So, I decided every Saturday night to try a new drink. (I started doing these in November, so I will post one a day until we're all caught up here!)

This week's drink—The Black Widow.

Inspired by: My love of all things spooky. “She mates and she kills.” Guest tasters: The old man and the bartender.

What you need:

  • Blackberries

  • Lemon (squeeze)

  • Honey (teaspoon)

  • Tequila

  • Orange bitters

  • Rosemary (few springs)

What you do:

  • Muddle together the blackberries, lemon juice, and honey.

  • Add 2oz tequila and 2 dashes of orange bitters.

  • Strain and pour mixture over ice.

  • Add mineral water to fill.

  • Add a sprig of rosemary for decoration.

Ratings: The old man: 3 out of 5 stir sticks, (not a fan of mineral water) The bartender: 3 out of 5 stir sticks (could be sweeter, but refreshing)

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