Girl Gone Eating: It's true, you can dump Chick-Fil-A for Popeyes

Ages ago before anyone knew how vile Chick-Fil-A's conservative contributions (financial and otherwise) were affecting our government, they had the best chicken sandwich out there. The sandwich is still good if you can suffer through the taste of female oppression, homophobia, and Christian hypocrisy - and we all know so many can.

Yesterday on Twitter I saw a link to a blog where a guy reviewed Popeye's chicken sandwich - which I didn't even know was coming at the time. Apparently this was big news and no one was more excited than me! I have been buried in work for two weeks so I had missed the news. Truth is, though, that I trust no one when it comes to these reviews. I have to see for myself and so I did...

I was absolutely starving by noon today so I ventured out to Popeyes (900 Central Avenue) to see if the sandwich had reached Albany. It has! There were 23 people ahead of me in line by the time I got there at 12:10pm and they all wanted one too. By the time I left about 12:35pm with my food in hand, the line was doubled almost back to the cash registers. I had left my phone at home so I couldn't grab a photo to prove it.

Here's my take. It's delicious. It's perfection. It not only has the same ingredients as Chick-Fil-A's, but they are better, higher quality ingredients. It was served piping hot (I ate one on the way home and bought a second for... well, right now as I write this.)

The chicken is much crispier and thicker - it's a full chicken breast, the pickles are larger and thicker, and the sauce is spicier. One bite gives you the kick, the heat, you want and crave when you think of a proper chicken sandwich.

Take it from someone who performs surgery on most meals I eat because I'm so picky, that it's good. Real good. And you can eat it with a cup of Conservative and Christian tears as a bonus. Fair warning though because the word is out. If you go to the location at 900 Central Ave, go about 11:30. Prepare for a line!

If you're interested in the political views of some of your favorite fast food joints, check out this list.

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