Girl Gone Eating: On the go

I know this one is going to be a bit different then usual my dear readers but hear me out on this.

It happens pretty often that we're in a hurry. Didn't get up early enough before work to make some food. So you decide to pick something up on your way. There's so many options. You've got all the big fast food joints, if you're lucky there's a good mom and pop shop near you like West End Bagel in Clifton Park or Bagels and Bakes in Rotterdam. Then there's the bottom of the barrel..... gas station food.

We do have some decent local gas stations like Stewart's that aren't terrible. But the standout to me that hands down beats all but the mom and pop shops is Cumberland Farms. I've been continually impressed with their offerings. You can get the exact same meal you'd get at Dunkin but at half the price.

Now I know you're going to tell me that it's so much easier to go through the drive through and that's fair. But ask yourself how many times have you pulled out only to find your order is wrong. For me as a diabetic I don't know how many times I've ordered a coffee with just cream only to notice the inch of sugar sitting in the bottom after I've already pulled out. It's the worst thing in the morning when you need your coffee only to have to throw it out because it's inedible for whatever reason. Which is my first selling point on cumbies. You make it yourself and any size coffee is only $1. They have all sorts of add-ons, flavor shots, flavored creamers, stok espresso shots. You can get hot or iced. The best part is making it yourself it will be right 100% all of the time!

Now on to the food. I'm not at all saying the food here is mindblowingly good like most of the places I write about. But it's surprisingly not as bad as you might think. I was on my way to work one day, I was desperately hungry and in need of coffee. Decided I'd hit the Cumbies on the way and see what I could find. They have an area with hot food. Hot dogs, pizza, tornados, assorted hot sandwiches. I decided to go with the pizza because we all know even bad pizza is good. I was shocked that I actually thought it tasted good. The sauce was tangy with a decent basil flavor. The cheese didn't taste like plastic but was gooey and salty.

After my first successful trip I decided it was my new go to for on the go foods. They have a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches, my favorite is the chorizo egg and cheese (warning it's a bit spicy and not in an I'm white and mayo is spicy way). There's all the usuals as well. Bacon / sausage, egg and cheese on a biscuit / croissant / muffin. I tried a couple of the breakfast tornadoes one time as well. They were just ok. But everything else was as good or better than most other places. You can get a full meal of a sandwich, hash browns and a coffee for under $5.00.

Later in the day they have a pretty wide variety of hot sandwiches and appetizers. The standouts among those are the pizza and empanadas. I was honestly shocked by how much I enjoyed the empanadas. They had some kick. But the crust, mmmmmm it was buttery, flakey and light. You can also get a side of sour cream to go with it for free. Two empanadas I think set you back $1.99.

I live right near the new one on central Ave making it very convenient for me. My only problem is when I'm coming home from work at 7 a.m. that parking lot is always packed. They also have one amazing friendly employee there that is just so pleasant I don't want to murder everyone in my way.

So next time you need a quick meal skip dunkin and give Cumbies a try if you've got one close by. You'll save yourself some money, get better quality and your coffee made correctly!

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