Girl Gone Eating: River Road House

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Tonight's adventures, dear readers, takes us out to the River Road House in Rotterdam Junction. Much like me, you are probably thinking where is it? Good news is it's only a 25 minute drive from Albany, just a couple minutes off thruway exit 26. And well worth the trip.

The parking lot was pretty full already on a Saturday night, a few bikes, muscle cars and pick ups trucks.

We walked in through the very sizable outdoor patio they have. I think the patio area was probably larger than the interior dining room. It was such a beautiful night there the patio was pretty full, so we headed inside to grab a seat at the bar.

One great thing about this place is they have daily specials. I really like the idea of this because that means everything is going to be fresh. We had taken a look at the specials on the drive out and both thought the philly cheesesteak quesadilla sounded delicious. We figured we'd split one of those while deciding on what to get for dinner.

My first reaction when they brought it out to us was "wow". It was so big.

Unfortunately I didn't take a picture because I was so hungry and it was devoured quickly. It was delicious. The steak, onions and peppers were exactly what you'd expect. The cheese though was especially good, gooey and overloaded with this perfectly crispy quesadilla crust. 10/10 would order again, unfortunately it was a daily special.

Now for dinner I was repeatedly told how good the fried calzone was so I had to give that a try. Imagine if you will fried dough stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, pepperoni and sausage. It comes with ricotta and mozzarella but you can add additional toppings for 1$ each. I'm talking about some artery clogging goodness on a plate. The marinara that came with it was in a very large cup. It was sweeter than most sauces I've tried but I could taste the basil which will always make me happy. This thing was huge too, hanging off both sides of a standard sized dinner plate. I know I'm going to find myself craving this after late nights out.

I really wanted to try their mac n cheese bites, but sadly they were 86ed shortly after we arrived. We did see another table eating them and they looked like they were pretty thoroughly enjoying them. They were not the typical frozen triangles most places serve. Gonna try these next time.

A gentleman next to me got a burger which looked and smelled amazing. I could very clearly tell that it was not your average frozen burger patty.

A couple on our other side had the steak and gorgonzola special with potatoes and green beans which they raved about.

It's a relatively small space and sitting at the bar I could see everything coming out of the kitchen. There wasn't a thing that passed by me that didn't look and smell delicious.

Not only was the food fantastic but the service was top notch which is what always makes me want to share these places with you. It's a family run establishment. Phil aka Phildo as he introduced himself to me was the perfect proprietor. He was going from table to table talking with his guest, most of whom he knew. He made me feel like I was family even though it was my first time there. He was checking in on guests, making sure they were enjoying themselves. It was just the kind of service you rarely see anymore. His wife and daughter were moving non stop between the bar, kitchen and patio bringing out food, greeting friends and just constantly hustling. Our bartender Andreana was fast efficient and kept our drinks full and delicious.

Phil did tell me his bbq chicken is better than Brooks bbq. Those are some pretty big claims. Phil promised me he'd invite me out next time they do a bbq so I can decide for myself, I have a feeling this might be the case. But I'm holding you to that Phil!

You can find and follow them on Facebook The River Road House to see their daily specials. They're located at 989 river road in Rotterdam. The hours are Monday - Thursday 11am to 9:30pm Friday and Saturday 11am to 10:30 and Sunday 12pm to 9pm. You won't be disappointed.

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