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Girl Gone Eating: Schenectady Green Market

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Today's adventure, dear readers, takes us to my favorite farmer's market in the area, the Schenectady green market.

The biggest draw for me here is fresh hummus. I love hummus, but I feel like the brands you buy at the grocery store obviously just don't compare to fresh. The Schenectady green market has 2 different hummus vendors. Freddy's rockin hummus and 2 Chics and a Pea. I have yet to try 2 Chics and a Pea because Freddy's is just so good.

At the beginning of this year's outdoor season Freddy's announced they'd be making fresh veggie wraps at their booth. I knew I needed one of these! I finally made it down today in the beautiful weather and was not disappointed. I watched as it was made with a very generous amount of their plain hummus, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, spring mix, smoked gouda, tahini and just a splash of hot sauce. It was the perfect light lunch for me today. Everything about it was fresh and bright. I also picked up some of "the works" hummus. It's my absolute favorite. You can taste all the different ingredients, roasted red peppers, garlic and olives. Together it's just such a delicious combination. Some of the other flavors they offer are garlic lemon, cranberry herb, cilantro pesto, and sriracha hummus. You can find them Saturdays at the Troy farmers market 9-2, Saratoga farmers market 9-1 and Sundays at the Schenectady green market 10-2.

My next purchase was from my favorite local coffee roaster Electric City Roasters. I got a cup of their cold brew and a bag of their Ethiopian beans. The cold brew didn't make it into the picture because it was gone in about two minutes. The Ethiopian beans are described as a light chocolate, berry and orange zest. I haven't tried this particular roast before but I've never once been disappointed by any of their coffees. I've got some cold brewing as we speak, but I won't know how it is until tomorrow. You can buy their coffee direct from their website located here Also you can find them at the Schenectady green market Sundays 10-2, Saratoga farmers market Wednesdays 3-6 at high rock park. In stores Bake for you, honest weight co-op, Niskayuna co-op and Steuben Street market.

My last stop was a total impulse. Pretty sure the booth was called baking with bacon.... yeah no one is skipping that booth. Cookies and brownies not just with bacon, but bacon pieces in the batter, bacon pieces sprinkled on top AND made with bacon butter that they make. Sadly they don't sell the bacon butter, I'm pretty sure I would have bought some of that too. But the brownie itself was so rich and decadent. Every bite was infused with bacon. It was the perfect dessert after my veggie wrap.

So that's just three of the many vendors there. But there are sooooo many more. You can grab hot food at Empanada Llama, if you get some empanadas make sure you get some green sauce to go with them. There's also a Greek booth and Taj Mahal has a booth. Lots of farms with fresh veggies and meat. Gluten free breads and other baked goods! Cheeses, pickles, wine, ciders, hand crafted soaps.

You can check out the full list of vendors here

Next time you're free on a Sunday 10-2 check it out, you won't be disappointed!

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Today's haul

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