Girl Gone Local: Lobby Hero at Capital Repertory Theater

I wouldn't consider myself a theater enthusiast, but I do enjoy seeing plays that pique my interest, so take my thoughts and experience for what they are. I don't care very much about sets or lighting. If a play is written well, the actors clearly passionate and well-rehearsed, and I learn something or feel something - it works. Those things are important to me.

I went last evening (10/8) with three friends and I almost cancelled because of unforeseen events but I'm glad I went. Before I give my thoughts on Lobby Hero overall, I should admit I was a bit tainted by a few comments on social media. I'm going to send you over to CapRep's site describing Lobby Hero instead of providing you with the entire premise.

I read "boring" and "trying too hard at a Brooklyn accent" and other similar things. I want to state here and now that the actors were absolutely brilliant. The work they put into various scenes was obvious and they each delivered their lines with passion. Not one of them over-acted or "over-accented." I've seen Mark W. Soucy (Bill) and Jonathan Louis Dent (William) in the CapRep performance of The Royale. I'm a huge fan of The Royale so I was thrilled to see Soucy and Dent again. Both Sarah Baskin (Dawn) and Kenny Toll (Jeff) were new to me and I really enjoyed their stage presence.

I wasn't a huge fan of the writing. I felt cheated... The play is set in the 1980s and was first produced in 2001 but still it touches on social issues very relevant to today. Coming through loud and clear was why the #metoo movement is so important, and racism in our judicial system. Both very deep topics that could have really went somewhere, but the clear focus was on sexual harassment, yet the sexual assault felt more implied than confirmed.

In addition, I often felt lost. I didn't know if we went from one evening to another, or if a scene was occurring in the same evening. At one point we see an incident happen and it seemed a day or two later, investigations, surgeries, and lawsuits had already taken place. Some things simply didn't line up with the timing of events and it was distracting.

All in all I did enjoy Lobby Hero, but mostly because the acting was really on-point, and of course seeing a play at CapRep is always a great experience for me. Let me know what you think!

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