Girl Gone Local: New Food Blogger for Girl Gone Smart

Christina Salisbury - New food blogger for Girl Gone Smart!

Dear Girl Gone Smart Readers,

I'm very excited to be writing for you about food. I hope you'll go easy on me as this is the first blog I've ever written, but don't worry because I love to eat and try new places.

I want to start with a place that is near and dear to my heart: Cheesecake Machismo. Those of you who have tried it already know how amazing it is, those of you who haven't - need to try it.

It's a small local business located at 293 Hamilton Street in Albany next door to El Mariachi. Look for the eraser board sign in the window listing the cheesecakes available that day. They have over 600 different flavors in their recipe book that rotate daily. My favorite is the coffee and kalua cheesecake on brownie crust, (I call this one The Motorbeard). Grasshopper, Hazelnut Brownie, Oreo Speedwagon, and Squatch are my other go-to flavors. I suggest trying any of the cheesecakes with a brownie crust because I love chocolate, and the brownie is crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside just like my favorite corner piece.

Around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Cheesecake Machismo has some really fun holiday themed flavors as well. Only $6 bucks will get you a slice and a free hot or cold coffee, water, tea, or hot chocolate. You can also order whole cakes which run around $50. They recommend ordering a cake at least seven days in advance. They get booked up pretty quickly so place that order as far in advance as possible.

A fun option they have is called a Frankencake. It's for walk-ins only and it's a full

cake that's a mix of whatever flavors they have available that day. I sent my mother for a Frankencake the day before Thanksgiving because I forgot to order early enough. She got there about 30 minutes before they opened and by time they did, there was a good-sized line.

Frankencake - photo owned by Cheesecake Machismo

They are open Tuesday - Friday 12-8 and Saturday 12-6 or until they sell out. There have been times I've gone there at 1 in the afternoon and they've already sold out so try to get there early. They do post on their Facebook page and website when they've sold out for the day, so make sure you check those beforehand.

The shop itself is just really cool and decorated with action figures and band posters. They do have two small tables inside if you'd like to stay and enjoy your cheesecake and beverage, but if you have more than two people in your group you'll probably need to get it to go. I've regularly seen items for sale like art and jewelry from local artists. The owners Lynn and Bam are super friendly. This is the type of business I want to see in my community, where the owners promote other local business!

Now, dear readers, I know that you don't know me or know if you can trust my opinion yet, but not to worry. An article from the Delish website based on Yelp information ranked them the best cheesecake in ALL of NY state including NYC so it's not just me!

Lastly if you do get there only to find out they're closed, there are a few local restaurants that carry their cheesecake on their dessert menus. You can get your fix at: El Mariachi, The Wellington in the Renaissance hotel, New World Bistro Bar, City Beer Hall, Rain Modern Chinese, Shogun in Albany and Delmar. In Schenectady you find Cheesecake Machismo at Zen Asian Fusion.

If you check them out, let me know how you like it and tell them I sent you!


Cheesecake Machismo on Facebook and their website.

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