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Girl Gone Local: Protesters (Terrorists) are racist trump rallies in disguise

The notion of protests in various state capitols being about opening back up businesses and the economy is straight bullshit. I know it. You know. They know it. They hide behind the first amendment and their guns - and even then - they're still wrong and should be arrested at the very least.

Charge them with terrorism.

"I know it's hard to admit white privilege is real when you've amounted to very little despite it."

With Mr. Pryor's permission, I'm sharing a social media thread he posted today. Thank you, Marcus, for allowing this to be republished on Girl Gone Smart.


I don’t usually do this, so I hope EVERYONE stops to read this. Seriously.

So, this just happened:

About an hour ago I was walking down Washington Avenue about a block away from the NYS Capitol, as protesters began to assemble to demand the NYS government open back up. I’m about 6’ 1” 195 pounds, in pretty good shape, dressed in black workout clothes, with a black mask and hat. I was also walking my 98 pound Doberman Pinscher on a short leather leash with a prong collar. Typically, we’re considered imposing, with people frequently crossing to the other side of the street.

As the protesters drive by with horribly offensive signs like, “The homeless should stay home,” I couldn’t help but return their offensiveness with a raised middle finger salute. Maybe I shouldn’t have responded that way, but I was genuinely offended by the ugliness parading past me.

As the car I was saluting passed me, the car behind it sounded its horn, and I heard someone yell, “Fuck you Nigger!” I turned around as it passed to see if the friends I had just passed up the street heard it. When I turned back around, I noticed a car parked in front of the Fort Orange Club driveway, with a scraggly white male about 5’ 5” leaning on the passenger side roof of his car with his door open. I looked at him and asked, “Did you just say something to me?” “Say what to you?” he replied. I said, “Did you just yell something at me?” I said, as I kept walking. “What did I say?” he replied.

At this point I decided that I wasn’t playing this game, and at the same time my brain started to register that this smaller man is challenging a much larger Black man with a 98 pound Doberman Pinscher. Under what scenario does this guy think he could prevail, if this altercation were to escalate. I mean, he’s going to take me and the dog that’s going to be at his throat?

As I turned into the Fort Orange Club parking lot and reached up to turn my AirPods back on, I heard a voice, almost meekly, say, “Yeah, it was me.” I didn’t turn around as I heard his voice rise and say, “Yeah, I said it!” Clearly upset that I hadn’t responded, his voice rose to a yell, “Fuck you, you piece of shit! I said it, and I can say whatever I want! Fuck you, nigger! Fuck you, you piece of shit nigger! Fuck you!!!”

As my mind quickly tried to process why this guy felt so emboldened that he didn’t fear a mutual human and Doberman beat down, it occurred to me that all the while, he never moved from his open car door. I then remembered that many of the protesters in Michigan where armed, carrying guns inside the state capitol.

Because you simply can’t make this stuff up, as I sit in my living room writing this post, more protesters are driving down State Street in trucks emblazoned with Trump 2020 stickers, and makeshift billboards declaring that, “We’re being lied to! Open up our economy!”

With “Fuck You Nigger!” still reverberating through my head, I just remembered, oh yeah, it’s about the economy…


I did ask permission to use Mr. Pryor's photo but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. Instead, I lifted a photo of his pup.

Albany. You can do better. You are better. Shame on all of us for allowing this in our city.

#girlgonelocal #Albany

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