Girl Gone Local: Rats at Betty Boop Diner in Albany, says former employee

I was scrolling through Facebook on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I received an invitation to like the Betty Boop Diner Facebook page. I had never heard of this local establishment so I went ahead and clicked the invite to check out the business. Shocked, was my first impression.

Photo from Betty Boop Diner Facebook page.

As of this morning, the page and its contents have been shared approximately 16,000 times. Is this rat really from Betty Boop Diner at 115 Phillips Street in Albany? There is an accompanying video as well, but I will not upload it.

Previous employee, Donna Doherty Burns, claims all of this is real and she goes into great detail about her experience working for owner Teresa Soto. The claims she makes are incredibly serious, but also very personal. According to Ms. Burns, she runs the business Facebook page which is why she currently has access to upload all of this information. An excerpt from her claim:

"Teresa is on full disability yet works there seven days a week pocketing every single dollar that’s made and at least $100 a day in tips there is no working register there’s no record of the tickets for each sale or the sales tax and there’s nobody in there on the books but me.
Here’s the kicker everybody that works in there is on SSI or disability and she pays in cash she’s got me on the books because you have to have somebody on the books in order to have Workmen’s Compensation but for an entire year she has never given me one check not one." - Donna Doherty Burns

Ms. Burns is begging people to call the local Health Department. She is posting personal photos of what she claims is Ms. Soto's home, she is calling her a racist, and she is making claims, as you see above, the employees at Betty Boop are on NYS disability or Social Security as is the owner herself.

Several people are asking valid questions within the post comments such as why did Ms. Burns continue to work there knowing all of this? Why is she coming forward now? Is she a disgruntled employee out for revenge? It seems like a very long time to work at a location to only now be so disgusted and horrified at the condition of the building and management that Ms. Burns goes public. It should also be noted that based on my research, Betty Boop Diner has had a stellar reputation and a loyal local following.

I encourage you to visit the page and decide for yourself, however I warn you the profile photo above is tame compared to the videos and other photos Ms. Burns shares.

Let me know what you think. Have you ever eaten there?

(Author edit: I have reached out to the owner to make her aware of this post, and asked if she would like to respond. Please note the only available information is from the Facebook page noted above. In the interest of fairness, I would like to be able to present Ms. Soto's response if she feels it's warranted.)

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