Girl Gone Local: So this chick in Albany...

I knew of her before I met her. We have 56 mutual friends on social media so I would see her photos, some of her posts, but most of all I would see her fundraisers. We have many shared organizations for which we raise money and I've admired her and her work for a couple years now.

This past week I decided I had to throw some recognition her way because let's be honest; there are few people who work as hard to raise money for organizations, colleagues, co-workers, and charities when it's not their job.

This year, once again, Jennifer JC Colletti is raising money for the annual Santa Speedo Sprint (SSS). This year is the 15th and obviously because of the global pandemic, things are a bit different. According to JC: "...that doesn't mean we still can't raise a huge amount of money." She's right!

The SSS raises money for The Albany Damien Center and the HIV/AIDS program at Albany Medical Center, both designed to improve health, reduce stress, and increase the quality of life for individuals and families living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Last year JC broke the record for raising the most amount of money by a single individual for this event - $4,330. The goal this year is to break that record! Let's do it, okay?

The Santa Speedo Sprint usually takes place on Albany's most fun street - Lark Street - but it's going virtual this year. Register to Sprint now and get a SSS mask, T-shirt, or hoodie mailed to you, or simply show your support with a donation HERE, and make sure to follow along on Facebook at the SSS event page HERE.

But back to JC and her desire to break last year's record. You can donate through her GoFundMe page by clicking HERE, and while any donation through any link will benefit the ultimate cause, I'm choosing to support JC. The work she does for the Albany community goes beyond just "helping" now and then.

"JC is the most selfless person I know. She recently organized a dinner drop for quarantined friends of ours who work in the hospitality industry and I contributed by baking bread for the effort. Over the course of three days, we exchanged over 130 texts, all for only one meal! Helping others is in her DNA and I'm always amazed by her." - Daniel Jeanson

I could write a hundred pieces about the work she does and her generosity, but I recommend finding her on Facebook. Her posts about fundraising, community work, empathy, and kindness are public. You can find links to the organizations or events in which she participates, and throw in a couple bucks yourself if you're able.

Thank you, JC, for the work you do. You are an inspiration, and I know I speak for so many when I say the city of Albany would not be the same without you.