Girl Gone Off: Sit down Bernie! Time for a reality check.

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Image: Scott Pelkey / Wikimedia Commons

Here we go again. Another radicalized group of socialists as rabid as Trump's supporters are about to descend on social media like it's the second coming of Jesus and it's not. Not even a little.

Fifteen minutes ago I made this comment on my personal Facebook page:

"Bernie officially announced his candidacy for president. Let's all welcome Orange Mussolini to a second term."

According to the immediate responses, you would think I had woken up this morning ready to slaughter babies and senior citizens.

For Bernie:


  • "Bernie IS the progressive agenda, and what is best for everyoone." (Spelling is the author's.)

  • "Are you kidding!?!?!?!?! This is the best news ever!!!"

Against Bernie:

  • "Bernie will be almost 80...Cmon...fall back sir!"

  • "I agree. Democrats are going to FUCK us again. 50 of them will run, it will be a shit show, and we will lose out of pure stupidity."

  • ""bernie" is ancient human waste. Incredibly, the nation would be better off with another wig term than with a crazy , screaming, Socialist bernie presidency."

I really do not want to debate on social media why Bernie isn't for me. I do like some of his ideas such as healthcare and education for everyone. Those are two things I can absolutely get behind, however several other 'better' (to me) Democratic candidates are running on the same platform.

During the last election cycle I had several friends who came right out and admitted they voted for Trump ONLY because Bernie did not win the Democratic primary so they used their vote as a big fuck you to their perceived slight of a rigged election.

Guess what? It wasn't rigged. It wasn't a giant conspiracy. Bernie did not win the primary.

"Sanders continues to lie to his supporters, telling them that he has a path to the Democratic nomination. He tells his crowds that with a big win in California, he can close the gap in pledged delegates and overtake Hillary Clinton. Let’s be honest. He’s lying, and we all know that he’s lying. Hillary Clinton won by every metric possible. She won more states, she won the popular vote, ... she won in pledged delegates (by nearly 300, three times Obama’s largest lead), and she won the superdelegates. There is not a single democratic metric which Bernie Sanders won. If you think that the will of the people should decide elections, then you can’t possibly believe that Bernie Sanders should be the nominee." --Marcus H. Johnson, 2016

The reality is people are sick and tired of Bernie supporters claiming he was robbed or cheated by the DNC. Guess what? That's not how it works. The DNC wanted Hillary Clinton - and they were right to - she's a Democrat.

Clinton got nearly 4 million more votes than he did. That's not because of closed primaries, or TV time, or the scheduling of debates. It's literally because more people wanted Hillary to be the Democratic candidate.

Sanders never connected with minority voters nor did he connect with this white, female New Yorker. He showed himself to not have a clear understanding of #BlackLivesMatters, he lost the south, and he's not the candidate for everyone.

You want progressive? Stop voting for old white men.

He is not our political messiah. He needs to sit down and his supporters need to pull out their own chair and sit down with him. Here's what I do promise - if he does pull off a miracle and wins the Democratic nomination, he's got my vote. Can you, Berner, promise the same if he doesn't? Or will you throw another temper tantrum and vote for Trump or worse, not vote at all?

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