Girl Gone Off: Stop Spreading Sensationalism

I want to start by saying this isn't directed at anyone in particular as I've seen the particular article I'm talking about all over facebook.

What article you ask?

We see posts like this all the time, the sensationalized headline. Oh no! Home Depot is bad! Let's all boycott. The thing is when you read the article it explains that the "founder" in question retired from the company more than 15 years ago. The company also made a statement that as a practice they don't endorse presidential candidates. All of this is in the article. But the story wouldn't have gotten much traction if it had been something along the lines of "Retired businessman supports Trump". No one would care or give it a second thought. But attach a big business to it and OMG let's boycott! Based on this logic you're pretty much going to have to boycott every company out there as I'd be willing to bet EVERY company from fortune 500 to mom and pop shops have previous employees that include rapists, pedophiles, murderers and Trump supporters.

As a home depot employee, I've never heard anything at work about supporting Trump. Now put yourselves in my position. How would you feel to have the actions of a previous employee cause a boycott to your livelihood. I promise you as a non Trump supporting employee I will be the first to complain to the board of labor when they ask me to wear a Trump 2020 button. Until then can we please stop mindlessly reposting and perpetuating this bullshit as clearly 90% of people aren't reading beyond the headline and buying into it.

I'm going to leave you with this for a laugh. I'm guessing it's a spoof because I couldn't find it on the Trump official page but still found it hilarious.