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Girl Gone Quarantined: "Upstate" NY, you're completely right!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

There are a hundred ways to define "upstate" so you can choose to define it however you would like.

I realized today how right you are from the multiple (75 maybe?) posts and comments about how pissed off you are some COVID-19 patients are being moved to hospitals outside of New York City.

You're correct these people deserve to die alone in hallways. How I could not have seen this before is beyond me. I was so wrong to believe in the humanitarian goals of our New York doctors and nurses. Not only can these patients not currently see their relatives, but they must be so happy to be moved hundreds of miles away from all they've ever known.

You are also right that upstate New Yorker's lives are way more valuable than anyone else's in the entire state. Was that a part of a history class curriculum in junior high or high school I may have forgotten about? Could you remind me?

I keep thinking of how excited, yet incredibly selfish, many of the doctors and nurses in New York City hospitals must be. They may get to sleep for an extra hour. They may get to take a lunch break. They may get fresh PPE at the beginning of their shift. Selfish! Their licenses should be revoked for thinking only of themselves.

And us in Albany are just monsters. We're recieving the bulk of patients, and according to the medical boards making these decisions, they feel a moral obligation to help, and give a tiny bit of relief to their exhausted down state colleagues. Oh the humanity!

Did you mourn during 9/11 from way up there in upstate? Or did you feel like you were attacked as well?

Were you #newyorkstrong or did you say, "fuck it, it wasn't my town."

Do you go to other states or other hospitals for serious illnesses or bad accidents? Do you rely on the help and expertise of medical professionals ONLY in your town? Do you rely on the space and equipment at other hospitals in New York or other states?

This crisis is showing the best in some people and the absolute worst in others. Lives will not be the same after. Neither will friendships.


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