Girl Gone Reading: A ghost story for us north-easterners

I saved this one for the closest to Halloween, but it was tough. This book is considered one of the best 'scary' novels for 2019, and I tend to agree. I finished it this morning around 3:30am after being woken up by one of my cats. I couldn't go back to sleep, but thankfully the husband was home so I wasn't alone.

The Invited by Jennifer McMahon, is just what you need the week leading up to All Hallow's Eve. Set in Vermont, the novel isn't a typical ghost story where a couple moves into a haunted house, they're building one and they don't realize it.

Helen and Nate want a simpler life; an easier life. Helen, a lover and teacher of history, begins researching the property they purchased and what she discovers will lead her and Nate on a very unexpected and very violent journey. As she begins searching for items to build their home - bricks, paintings, wood beams, it becomes more clear the history of the property is playing a part in her selections. Nate is skeptical...

The story had me right off the bat - I grew up not far from Vermont and the setting was instantly familiar and homey. It also felt very much like the stories we used to tell as kids at sleepovers or around a campfire in the summer.

It's a great read and McMahon is an author who can really set a stage and make you feel as if you are in the woods and on the property with Helen, Nate... and their neighbor Olive.

Pick it up or download tonight. You won't be disappointed!

Available on both Kindles and Nooks for about $12 bucks.

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