Girl Gone Reading: Black Forest - it doesn't have to be October to enjoy horror

Updated: Jun 19

As with a lot of books I read lately, I picked this up as my monthly freebie for being an Amazon Prime member. Black Forest by author Shane Lee came out of nowhere and had me up all hours of the night wanting to know what happens next.

At first I couldn't quite place the time period of the novel. There are no cars or electricity, there's a greedy Town Judge who seems rule the town and county, a King sitting in some far away city, and a forest - a huge wall of a forest called the Dromm that's completely black as if it had burned years ago and never recovered. But what really happened to the once flourishing forest? The forest itself is a character in this book and it's quite imposing.

The novel is told mostly from the perspective of two young main characters Monty and Terra, brother and sister, but this is no young adult novel. It's a true tale of horror done in a way I quite haven't experienced before and I can't really put my finger on why. All that feeling does is make want to read more by Shane Lee.

There is a bit of gore, but the imagery of what happens to a few people in the town that is unexpected, is fascinating on its own. I can't say the novel isn't timely right now either. Is it a plague affecting the town or is it a fairytale come to life?

"Everything he thought he knew - about Mullen, about the town, about foreboding tales of spirits told to children - had been shaken with violent force. He clung only to hopes and some mutual understanding between him, his sister, and a woman he'd met less than a day ago."

Right now here in Albany the wind is blowing. It's chilly. It's dark. This is the perfect book to cuddle up with tonight. As for me, I'm going in search of more books by Mr. Lee.

Buy it now with Kindle Unlimited for fee, $4.99 for your Kindle device or app, or grab the paperback for $14.99.

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