Girl Gone Reading: Feeling hot hot hot!

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

I sunburn easily and very quickly even with loads of sunscreen. A few years ago at this time I was in Puerto Rico with my Mom. I needed a vacation and I missed her because I had been traveling so often for work. I needed sun, a beach, and a pool. For some reason, she kept thinking we were in Jamaica. (I hadn’t told her where we were going until we were on our second plane in Newark.) It was an amazing experience. But time moves so quickly doesn’t it?

Keep that in the back of your mind while I tell you about the book Straight to You by David Moody. This was a book that popped up as a recommendation on my Kindle for $3.99 - wasn't looking for it. I was on a mission to finish a slew of books so I just started reading this one over last weekend and was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t put it down.

The book is labeled as a Sci-Fi read, but I’m not sure I would go that far. To me there is nothing too far-fetched when it comes to the science of the story except for nature itself. The story is set in London and the year is not mentioned so it’s assumed simply from the main character’s (Steve) observations, conversations, and inner-dialogue that it’s now.

Steve is married to Sam and we enter the story at a very low point in their marriage. The tension is thick and palpable. Each chapter is titled with a date except for the last two and I won’t divulge the reason why but as you read, you’ll see the significance of the author’s decision.

...Back to hot hot hot and a hell of sunburn. An environmental disaster is occurring when the novel opens, although at the time we don’t realize how serious it is. It’s just a little warm for London in mid-Fall. And that tension we feel in the marriage between Steve and Sam is just a little dip in an otherwise normal marriage. But soon you will find yourself imagining – during a time of absolute fear, terror, loss and confusion – being separated from the one person you’re supposed to love most in this world and you can’t get to him or her. Or can you? Just a little quickly becomes a lot.

We follow Steve in his journey to get to his wife and in that process we see the very dark side of humanity, the awful suffering the human body can endure, and perhaps most importantly, the things we will do for love. For real love.

The entire story takes place over a span of 25 days and as I was reading I was shocked how quickly time flew by. I think I finished it in less than two days. I could not put it down because I wanted – needed – to know what was going to happen next. Was he going to make it?

David Moody wrote this novel in 1994 and in his own words he grew to loathe the book because it tanked when originally released in 1996. Since then he has been rewriting some of his earlier works and I can assure you that I plan to read them all.

For three bucks – get the book. You won’t regret it, and I’m reminding you that time is way too short for regrets. But after reading this book, you won’t need my reminder or anyone else's! Let me know what you think when you pick it up and can't put it down!

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