Girl Gone Reading: Forgotten Bones (Dead Remaining #1)

This book was a free book of the month choice from Amazon. I have to admit I've been a bit more than fascinated by both fiction and non-fiction focusing on main characters who have some type of mental disorder, especially after reading Twelve Patients by Eric Manheimer. The perspectives can be so interesting, yet educational at the same time. One of the main characters, Eric Evans, has schizophrenia.

We meet Eric at a particularly rough time in his life - his wife leaves him, and wait until you find out for whom. In addition, he must leave his job and move across the country with almost nothing to his name.

Forgotten Bones is a murder mystery and one with a bit of a jarring twist I wasn’t quite sure how to take. Expanding on this would simply give away the plot twist, but the things you'll read will take you down one path, while in the back of your mind you just know something is off.

I found this novel to be somewhat educational, and on a level that may seem a bit morbid to some, completely entertaining. I’m fascinated by an author’s take of how a person (character) would behave in certain situations without having experienced it firsthand. Of course, most authors rely on professionals to give them the information they require to write a scene (or a whole novel) accurately, but still… author Vivian Barz does a great job in providing detail and building suspense.

From the publisher:

"Meanwhile, college professor Eric Evans hallucinates a young boy in overalls: a symptom of his schizophrenia—or so he thinks. But when more bodies turn up, Eric has more visions, and they mirror details of the murder case."

Despite Forgotten Bones being a free book, I picked it out because my friend Nicole had recently asked me for recommendations on good mysteries. It's not my normal genre but because of the subject matter, I was interested and wanted to be able to recommend something for her. As you can see from the title, this is the first in a series and I will absolutely read what comes next.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!

The e-book is available now on Kindle for $4.99 - free if you have Kindle Unlimited. Hard cover is $15.99. If you prefer audiobooks, the book is available on Audible for free with an Audible 30 day free-trial or $24.99 as a one-time purchase.

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