Girl Gone Reading: I suck at this.

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

I'm not good at self-promotion at all. I get uncomfortable even telling people about Girl Gone Smart, so instead I talk about the amazing people who offer their thoughts, perspectives, expertise, and experiences within this web site.

But I kind of have to learn now. Last week on Monday August 17, 2020 I published my first short story. It's titled "Iron Man" and it's the first release from "The Court Jester and Other True Tales" series. Every story is true and based on my life. Even when I posted about the release on my personal social media accounts, I didn't make them public.

I had to do it this way. For over 15 years I have been struggling to finish writing this memoire. I have spent countless weeks at at time rewriting, editing, and reorganizing the content. Nothing felt right. Nothing clicked so that I felt comfortable moving forward. The content is hard and it was harder letting it go for the world to see, for criticism or compliment. I didn't want people to see the parts of my life I struggled to keep hidden for my own protection and that of my Mother and family.

Within 24 hours "Iron Man" was the number one release in its category, and it still is this morning after six days of being available. It's surreal.

My private messages blew up with questions from friends with whom I grew up. I will try to address some of them in a blog later this week, but I'm grateful for those who reached out with their own stories. It made me feel not quite so alone. Thank you.

"This is going to the top of my list of recommendations for my secondary students who are always asking me what they should be reading next!

Iron Man is the type of writing that is for the ages. The author brings us right to her life, her kitchen table, her living room, her junior high summer school experience. It isn't just the craft of writing - Heather brings the reader not just 'to' her story but 'through' her story. We don't just observe what happens- we feel what happens. We feel connected to her story and are left wanting to know more." - Amazon review by Veronica.

The next story in "The Court Jester and Other True Tales" series will be released by Friday, August 28, 2020. I have not yet decided which story to put out there, but what I can say is "Iron Man" is the least traumatic of them all. I hope those who read "Iron Man" will stick with me during this time.

To purchase the short for your Kindle or Kindle app, click here or the image above. It's only $2.99 but that is the lowest I could go for the plan I chose through Amazon. I'm also exploring other ways for you to read it if you do not have a Kindle or the app.

Again, thank you everyone for the support you've shown me.

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