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Girl Gone Reading: If I couldn't see my New York

I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m writing about (and recommending) a book I haven’t finished reading yet. I’m on page 717 out of 1099. The book is Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1-5) by Hugh Howey.

When I couldn’t sleep from 2am to 5am this morning because my mother’s pull-out couch is so uncomfortable, this is how I spent my time. The only reason I stopped reading at 5am is because I needed at least an hour more of sleep because I have so much to do today.

If you haven’t heard about this book yet I would be surprised. It was recommended to me initially by my friend Eric, and then by my husband who downloaded it to my Nook because he had heard about it from someone else. The title notes it as Omnibus Edition because Mr. Howey originally self-published individual stories back in 2011 and they quickly became popular. He continued adding to the stories and eventually they were compiled into Wool Omnibus.

The novel is set in a post-apocalyptic United States where people live in a giant silo. Those who live in the lowest levels rarely travel to the top to see the view out of the windows because it can take three to five days to make the journey up the metal staircase. Some have lived their whole lives without traveling to the top and seeing what is outside. In fact, it’s taboo and perhaps even illegal, to even speak about it and wonder what it's like.

I think that if I've never seen the outside, I wouldn’t miss it, but I just can’t imagine. Driving to my hometown yesterday I was thinking about Wool and looking at this view on the way. This I would miss. This is my New York.

This image is owned by I did have my own beautiful photo, but it has since been lost in the blogosphere.

It’s difficult to write about the book without giving away anything of import to the story so I will simply ask you to trust me on this one. If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic stories you will love it, but don’t let that turn you away if you’re not. There’s a touch of Sci-Fi, a touch of psychology, and a touch of romance. This book has everything.

Two things you should know: The sequel has already been released as of last week (yay) and the movie rights have already been sold (nay). There are very few movies that do proper justice to a good a novel so if you’re anything like me and cringe when you know a movie is being made, get to reading now. I can’t imagine a movie creating this world the way Mr. Howey has created it.

I also can’t imagine keeping a hanging plant alive like my mother can, so while I’m here I better learn. I may have to grow my own food after an apocalypse.

Repost from Albany Times Union, published by me on Thu, 18 Jun 2015

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