Girl Gone Reading: Just listen to the cops already

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard or read this in the last few months, I would be a rich woman. But the first time I read this phrase and "other things" white people say to black people is in a book titled: How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice from White People by activist, author, and comedian D.L. Hughley and author Doug Moe.

This isn't a new thing; a new concept. We all know that. And the sentiment surrounding it has just gotten more vocal in the last few months with the #BLM movement. Us white people sure have a lot of advice don't we? *eye roll*

"In America, a black man is three times more likely to be killed in encounters with police than a white guy. If only he had complied with the cop, he might be alive today, pundits say in the aftermath of the latest shooting of an unarmed black man. Or, maybe he shouldn’t have worn that hoodie … or, moved more slowly … not been out so late … Wait, why are black people allowed to drive, anyway?"

The book was published in 2018 and as far as I'm concerned, it should be rereleased with new and updated content. I follow Mr. Hughley on Twitter and he is politically motivated yet still incredibly funny.

Yes, this book is satire, however there is no way around the fact that Hughley and Moe will have you picking up what they are putting down. I've put out lists of book recommendations for white people to check out and they've been quite heavy reads - intentionally so, but this book is "lighter" in the sense that the points being made are done in a satirical, hilarious way.

While listing the advice from white people, Hughley pretends to advocate for following it while at the same time, pointing out the hypocrisy and near impossibility of adhering to that advice. It slaps you in the face with reality while making you laugh.

I want to point out, however, this isn't just a book for white people to help us understand racism in America. It's a book by a black man illustrating advice from white people to the black community. It will disarm you with its humor and at the same time, nail you with hard facts and verifiable truths.

Now is a good time for all of you to grab this book if you haven't already.