Girl Gone Reading: Little shop of... birds?

Photo: National Audubon Society

I hit a snafu in my reading schedule. I was supposed to review House of Leaves by Mark D. Danielweski this week but I left my Kindle at a friend’s house. When I pulled over to get gas on the way home, I told my husband. His response was: “OMG! Did you call them? Where did you leave it? I have no idea what you are going to do!” He understood my panic. He gets me. Then during a phone call he said: “If you’re not always reading, does this mean I have to talk to you?” Funny guy.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I grew up in Northern New York along the Canadian border. There is a lot of wildlife up there and one of the “things” I have never gotten used to seeing is what I call Turkey Buzzards. You can see them mostly gathered around the dead carcass of a cow in a field or a deer on the side of the road. They are the biggest birds I have ever seen alive and up close and they are ugly. My fear of them is deep, and just seeing one can cause me to panic and step on my gas pedal a bit too hard.

This leads me to the book I did read this week which was Regulation 19 (Deadlock Trilogy) by P.T. Hylton. It was recommended by a friend not necessarily as a “horror” novel, but as a cross between horror, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic. If you read my blog regularly, you know I couldn’t resist, even with having to read it on my phone until my Kindle was returned. Additionally, it's a trilogy and you know I get easily tangled up to where I must finish a series before I can even write about it.

The novel is set on Rook Mountain in the Tennessee mountains about four or five years into the future – sort of - and the main character is a man named Frank Hinkle. When Frank gets out of prison to return to Rook Mountain, what he encounters is beyond his imagination.

He is a logical puzzle maker a puzzle solver, and a lock smith by trade. (Try to guess what he was in prison for...) Through every step of this book we feel the mystery surrounding the town, the confusion, the suspense, and the oddness of the people right along with Frank. Once he learns what has happened to the town and his family, the book takes off in a direction I never expected. I couldn’t put it down, even while struggling to read it on my cell phone.

And there are birds. Well, bird things, straight out of my worst nightmare.

You won't be disappointed with this one. Even if it isn’t your typical “horror” novel, it is full of suspense, terror, and mystery. The writing is superb, and as I already mentioned, it's a trilogy with all books available now.

  • Regulation 19

  • A Place Without Shadows

  • The Broken Clock

This is not only a series to jump into immediately, but an author to keep an eye on. Mr. Hylton delivers and delivers well.

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