Girl Gone Reading: Local author Nick Pignatelli has what you need

Are you tired of politics yet? Or perhaps you’re tired of the multitude of social media posts by friends who just learned the word ‘socialist’ and still can’t use it in a sentence properly. I know I am, but I’m always in the mood for intelligent politics – and murder. So while my blog is going back to the first time I wrote about local author Nick Pignatelli in the Albany Times Union, it's time to revisit his work. In light of recent national politics, I started thinking about this book again.

The Politics of Murder is set in Albany which means if you’re local, you will recognize street names, buildings, and possibly even some characters that Mr. Pignatelli has done an amazing job of developing right up front.

Immediately we meet police officer Rick Patterson and learn he still blames himself for his partner’s death after five years. From what I have read so far, there is mystery, murder, internal-struggle, love, and of course… politics.

In addition to a great story, Mr. Pignatelli is a very clear, descriptive writer who does an excellent job of making the reader feel as if we are right in the middle of the action, and perhaps more importantly, have a front-seat view into the conscience of a man on his journey to move forward.

At the time I read The Politics of Murder I had not yet read The Devil's Claw, his first novel. I wish I could provide you with my review, but here's the thing - I'm downloading it tonight and you should too. His novels are about our city, our state, and there is nothing more perfect than snuggling up with a good book by a local author in the aftermath of this crazy snow storm.

"In 2008, the wreckage of an aircraft lost decades earlier on the other side of the world turns up in Colorado's Medicine Bow Mountains...

In 2015, Jennifer Pruitt stumbles into a secret government project gone awry while vacationing in the woods of New York's Adirondack Mountains and now runs for her life, hunted by something that cannot possibly exist...

What is the deadly secret that connects these events?"

Mr. Pignatelli's third book, In My Little Town is definitely being added to my collection this evening as well. This one feels like it resonates a bit too close to home at times. Alicia Abdul, my favorite local book blogger, provides an excellent review right on Mr. Pignatelli's web site.

"Ever wonder what happened to those small-town bullies who made your life a living hell when you were a kid? Globetrotting photojournalist Ken Logan returns home after twenty years to find they're still around. And they've stepped up their game."

Let’s support not just a great writer, but a great local writer. There are already a lot of great reviews for all three books so go check them out on Amazon for paperback and Kindle editions. (Author page: Nick Pignatelli)

To learn more about Mr. Pignatelli, The Politics of Murder, his first book The Devil’s Claw, and his latest published just a year ago, visit him at or follow him on his Facebook page at this link. If you enjoy his books, be sure to leave a review on his Amazon book page linked above and share with others. It's really important for authors to have these reviews.

If you are a local author or know of any local authors who would like to appear in my blog, please feel free to reach out to me by posting a comment here or sending me a message on the Girl Gone Smart Facebook page. I will contact you as soon as possible.

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