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Girl Gone Reading: London Falling, The Rulefords - a sweet summer series

I read the first book in this series, London Falling by Emma Carr, as my monthly freebie for being an Amazon Prime member and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm normally not a fan of romance, but well, I do miss the city of London so I wanted to see what this series was about.

As the title of the first book states, the series is set in London and follows a family called the Rulefords.

"American Aimee Kennedy doesn’t think she needs anyone … until she’s stuck with sexy banker, Simon Ruleford, in his London home.

Stranded in London with no money and no airline ticket, Aimee applies to be Simon’s housekeeper. Without the job, she’ll end up homeless in a foreign country. But Simon can’t hire the adorable American without a work permit, because he would risk losing the royal family’s business, costing years of planning and hard work. Unfortunately for Simon, fate conspires to trap Aimee in his home, while mutual blackmail and a lovable Scottie puppy keep them together. As they fight their growing attraction, Aimee’s money-making plans soon force Simon into one compromising position after another." - Goodreads

The description from Goodreads is pretty accurate of the plot, but it fails to mention the humor, the sappy romance, and at times the eye-rolling clichés. This is why I'm suggesting the series (all three books) be saved for an upcoming beachy summer day if we get to have any! These books will allow you to escape a little bit from reality.

The books in the series are:

  1. London Falling

  2. London Dreaming

  3. London Homecoming

London Dreaming focuses on Simon's sister, and London Homecoming, his little brother. What I like about the way this is written, too, is that we see a lot of the same characters in each book. So even though we're focused on one sibling per book, we get to keep up with the others as well. It's a nice touch.

Take a read and let me know what you think! All three books are available on Amazon for about $7 bucks for the Kindle editions.

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