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Girl Gone Reading: Picking a bone w/ King on his birthday about Rovers

I understand authors, especially incredibly famous ones like Stephen King, may get a kick back for making book recommendations. Or maybe he's friends with the author and wanted to give him a boost. Or maybe they share a publisher or agent. Who knows?

The "him" I'm talking about is author Richard Lange. The book is Rovers. I had never heard of either until two or so weeks ago when King tweeted that Rovers is terrifying and will give you nightmares - I'm paraphrasing here...

It didn't. Not even a little bit, and I was horribly disappointed with the fear factor.

What King should have said is that Rovers is a fantastic story, and is a fairly new perspective on the vampire genre.

"Summer, 1976. Jesse and his brother, Edgar, are on the road in search of victims. They’re rovers, nearly indestructible nocturnal beings who must consume human blood in order to survive. For seventy years they’ve lurked on the fringes of society, roaming from town to town, dingy motel to dingy motel, stalking the transients, addicts, and prostitutes they feed on." - Publisher

It's engaging, the characters are all likeable - genuinely, and some crazy shit goes down with a motorcycle gang, a human woman, and a vampire cat. But scary? No.

Read this book for the entertainment it provides as all good stories do, but not if you're looking for a scare.

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