Girl Gone Reading: Rising Above a Toxic Workplace

Thrive or escape?

I escaped and my health, both physical and emotional, drastically improved.

"Toxic organizations are rife with conflict, fear, and anger. The environment causes people to have physiological responses as if they’re in a fight-or-flight situation. Healthy people become ill. Colds, flu and stress-related illnesses such as heart attacks are more common." - Annie McKee (author, consultant)

I rarely write about business-focused books on Girl Gone Smart because this is my escape from reality and I hope it's yours on occasion as well. However I had to read this book and tell you about it.

Our world is changing, and while some will have you believe it's for the better, I think we all know that some important changes are not happening in several work environments. Women still experience harassment, and racism and discrimination are still too prevalent. Much is being done but not enough.

We do (and should) expect more from the companies for which we work, and when they fail to provide a healthy environment, it can be detrimental to an employee's entire life.

Rising Above a Toxic Workplace: Taking Care of Yourself in an Unhealthy Environment is a good book if you're in a situation I describe above, but the truth is you're not going to learn anything you probably don't already know. If your health, physical or otherwise, is being affected, the right thing to do is to begin searching for another job immediately. I did find it helpful in distinguishing between functional and dysfunctional colleagues. It's not always easy to guess the motivation behind a person's words or actions so this book may help you sort that out a bit more.

Here's the thing, too. In the midst of this pandemic, my guess is quite a lot of people are reevaluating their work life - many not by choice.

I suggest giving this a read if you're considering leaving your current place of employment. Many of us have nothing but time right now, and while I don't recommend doing anything you do NOT want to do, if you're considering a job change or a career change, give this a read. It may help you arrive at a more informed decision.

Be well, folks.