Girl Gone Reading: Sequel to A Handmaid's Tale - The Testaments

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

I'm going to tell you right up front that this isn't going to be easy for me to write. When I love a book, I can wax lyrical for ages about its ups and downs, but for The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, this is going to be tough. I'm sure you can google reviews and find out all sorts of information, however I'm not going to spill any beans here because I genuinely want you to read it. I say that about most of the books I love, but for this one - it's important.

I know a lot of folks never read A Handmaid's Tale and probably wouldn't unles it was a part of a class assignment. For me, it was Women in Philosphy during my days at SUNY Potsdam under Professor Dr. Judith Little. It's one of those stories that sticks with you, especially as a woman. And of course no one ever thought we would be looking at something eerily similar in our society today but in reality, we're on the precipice of a slippery slope. If you're watching the series on Hulu, you already know.

The Testaments picks up about 16 years after this latest season of A Handmaid's Tale. To even tell you whose "voice" or perspective is speaking would be to give spoilers that you are going to want to discover on your own. At one point, every single hair on my body stood up and I was covered in goosebumps - because you may have an inkling while reading, but once it's firmly revealed, it's powerful.

What I can safely say is if you watch the series, there are a lot of familiar people and you will be happy to know what they're up to. One particular character has her own complete narrative from when Gilead was first formed to her present day. It's something we aren't currently aware of and offers a bit of insight into her journey to her current position and how she really feels about her life up to this point.

"I could see why they might be targeted; but being in real estate or litigation or estate law or corporate law appeared to offer no protection. All that was necessary was a law degree and a uterus; a lethal combination. … The afternoons were chosen for the executions."

In my opinion, the book won't spoil the series if you're a die-hard fan of watching instead of reading, and you may even enjoy it a bit more having the knowledge and insight The Testaments provides.

Yes, it answers your questions.

Yes, it 'ends' the story of Gilead.

As always, if you pick it up, let me know what you think!

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