Girl Gone Reading: The Ivy, a series

I want to tell you about a book series I really enjoyed, set at Harvard University. The book series I’m recommending this week is by authors Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur, and the first book (and the series as a whole) is titled The Ivy.

Having been accepted to Harvard’s summer Philosophy program many years ago, I was immediately intrigued as to how the school would be portrayed from a new student’s point of view. I couldn’t attend because of financial reasons, but all the same, I felt the terror, the expectation, and the responsibility associated with attending such a reputable institution. It turns out this is exactly what the authors experienced when they began their journey.

Ms. Kunze and Ms. Onur did attend Harvard and the main character, Callie, is based on their shared experience as roommates. As you can imagine, Callie experiences being away from her parents for the first time and having the freedom to do as she pleases, however she quickly realizes the academic responsibilities are not quite as important as the social ones. While struggling to keep up with her work load, she’s immediately thrown into situations completely new to her.

Callie’s experience is relatable in so far as she does not come from a wealthy family, she doesn’t quite understand how the social ladder works, her love life goes from simple to beyond complicated, and of course, here comes the arch-nemesis who learns about Callie’s secret that could socially destroy her.

There are the typical clichés we find in most coming of age novels, but I would chalk that up to laying the groundwork for the sequels which in turn, leads to the building of the characters. We see Callie grow up through these books, take control of her surroundings, and eventually reach the point of confidence in her own academic and personal growth.

The series consists of the following novels (in order) from Amazon.

-The Ivy ($1.99 Kindle)

-The Ivy: Secrets ($4.99 Kindle)

-The Ivy: Rivals ($5.99 Kindle)

-The Ivy: Scandal ($6.99 Kindle)

I wouldn’t necessarily label this series as YA, but the content and stories are fairly ‘clean’. They may be great for a young woman in high-school trying to decide if an Ivy League school is for them.

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