Girl Gone Reading: The New Witch

It's been a while since I've loved a book as much as I love The New Witch by Nancy Gibson Smith. In the last few months I've either spent my evenings sleeping or watching mindless television. I've been working so much lately but all for the good. I'm excited, learning new things, and so my focus has been on classes in genomics and bioinformatics and DNA... it's a lot. I had forgotten, just a little, that reading can bring me into a new world immediately, and this week it was a much needed reminder.

Once the story lines meander together, this story is ultimately about four women. It's a bit hard to discern who the narrator actually is at the beginning because we meet one, then another, then another, and so on, until they all come together. I was just a bit confused with the character shifts from chapter to chapter, however I quickly fell in love with the chapter's narrator after only a few paragraphs and forgot I was just reading about someone else.

Each woman has a fascinating story on her own, but the one thing tying them altogether is Hoodoo. By definition: "a body of practices of sympathetic magic traditional especially among African Americans in the southern U.S." - Webster's. The story is set in New Orleans in and around the fictional Broussard Court, and like any good story set in New Orleans, the cast of characters is what truly brings the setting to life.

I think having spent some time in the French Quarter, it was easy for me to put myself there, along the streets, in the alley ways, and imagine the people in this story are people I may have met in 2015. (You can read about my time there in The Voodoo That You Do.)

You may see a bit of yourself in each of these women. I'm not promising you a deep, soulful story where you will have several moments of self-awareness, but I am promising you a light, entertaining read you can finish in a couple days - or an afternoon if you're so inclined.

I believe this author is self-published so be wary of a few grammatical errors. It wasn't anything that detracted me from the story itself, and having gone through the process myself, I may be more forgiving than some of the reviews you will see on Good Reads or Amazon.

Please pick it up for a fun summer read for $5.99 on your Kindle from Amazon. It's worth the six bucks!