Girl Gone Reading: The Other Wife

To title this review anything other than what it is would be giving away some of the unexpected story lines that unfold, albeit a bit slowly, but once you realize what is happening - what has happened - you can't put it down.

The Other Wife by Claire McGowan was a surprise. A bit of a slow burn that just barely kept me interested at first. It's a psychological thriller and not my usual genre' but I will read more from this author. Ms. McGowan reels you in slowly and does not let you off the hook.

"If the police did come, I had decided I'd say you'd given me a lift - you were a total stranger, you'd just seen me walking along the road on such a warm day. There were holes in the story, of course. There was your phone somewhere..."

From the publisher: "Suzi did a bad thing. She’s paying for it now, pregnant, scared, and living in an isolated cottage with her jealous husband, Nick.

When Nora moves into the only house nearby, Suzi is delighted to have a friend. So much so that she’s almost tempted to tell Nora her terrible secret. But there’s more to Nora than meets the eye. It’s impossible—does she already know what Suzi did?"

This story is about two women - neither very likeable in my opinion, but as the intrigue grows the reasons for their thoughts, their conversations, their actions, becomes apparent. More than once I said out loud while reading: "That is f**ked up!"

I really enjoyed this ride and I highly recommend you give it a read. I got it for free with my Prime membership, but if you have Kindle Unlimited it's free for you, too. The paperback from Amazon is $11.99.

Let me know what you think!