Girl Gone Smart: 97 days

There are only 97 days left until the 2020 election. Unfortunately, the president has put out a lot of misinformation so I want to ensure people understand how to vote. You may think it's as simple as heading to your local voting booth - and in many cases it is - however we're in the middle of a global pandemic and it's unclear what November may look like.

It's vital to our country's landscape that you vote, and encourage your family and friends to do the same - regardless of your political affiliation - your voice matters.

This is important to know: Voting by mail and absentee ballots are the exact same thing. Many politicians will have you believe otherwise, but the risk of fraud isn't higher or lower either way. In fact, the risk is miniscule.

If you're not sure if you're registered to vote, or if you're uncomfortable voting in person for any reason, follow these steps at The web site details everything you need to know, and provides the necessary forms.

  • Check your voter registration.

  • Register to vote if you need to.

  • How to vote by mail.

  • Set election reminders.

  • Find your polling place.

The risk of voter fraud is miniscule whether you vote in person, vote by mail, or vote by absentee ballot. Our country has been doing all three for years and dates back to the Civil War, but with the risk of COVID-19, the discussion has certainly heated up. Read through NPR's article titled Why is Voting by Mail (Suddenly) Controversial? Here's What You Need to Know for more information.

You may think there's plenty of time to do what you need to do, and there may be, but why not get a head start and make sure you're good to go now?

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