Girl Gone Smart: It's a Rock-n-Roll Sunday

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Like almost every creative industry, musicians have been especially hit hard by the global pandemic, and if you don't have an international audience, the music scene for most has been close to non-existent for almost ten months.

But one band from my hometown of Massena New York hasn't stopped working despite the challenges of Covid.

Meet Jay David (vocals) and Howard Hubbard (lead guitar), two members of the rock band Jay David. Jay was born into the music industry and his career has taken him around the country with the likes of Greg Allman and the Righteous Brothers. Not pictured or interviewed are Tom Romeo (drums) and Chris Strebente (bass guitar on existing albums.)


Who are your rock inspirations?


Jay - Alice Cooper, and anything hard rock that punches people right in the chest. Some Pink Floyd style of music as well. Basically I have an eclectic taste that must be acquired - like a fine sugar-walled wine.

Howard - Jimmy Page, Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo Batio, and many more.


Do you have any gigs planned for the future? If so, where or with who?


We hope to open for bigger acts, but we do have a set gig to open for Graham Bonnet Band on his Alcatraz tour, if ever Covid allows for that to happen.

Jay (left) and Howard (right)


Do you feel you can make a living based on the the current popularity of live-streaming?


No, and here's why. The "rules" are set up to take care of the corporations and not the artist. Example: my last residual from Spotify was $36.09. If an artist wants to make money these days, you have to get out and play. Take your show on the road. Sell your merchandise, push the music, get the downloads and CDs to sell, and hope for the best. It's all we can do right now.


Do you own all the publishing rights to your music?


Yes. I am lucky enough to have a distribution deal and we keep publishing rights.


How are you engaging with your fans during this time of COVID?


I've been throwing a barrage of videos on YouTube, and Facebook, with a lot of positivity coming from comments and thousands of views from fans.


If there is one thing you could change about the music scene, what would it be?


Jay - Down with rap and Walt Disney. None of it is music for the rock-n-roll connoisseur, although pop I can let slide since it has been around forever, and the girls are cute.

Howard - More cowbell.

Click to hear Isolation from the album I'm Your Vampire.


Do you think of yourself as talented, meaning you were born with your skills – or do you feel it has been your passion and hard work that has brought you to where you are? Or maybe it’s a combination? 75% talent, 25% hard work, etc.?


Jay - I may have inherited the rock-n-roll genes, but I had to learn. Thanks to all my friends being musicians, I have honed my own way of playing the instruments that I play. But, being the entertainer I love to be, I seem to always find myself as the singer.

Howard - I worked my ass off.


Are you currently looking for anyone to join the band? A women, maybe?


Jay - We are currently looking for a road worthy, entertaining bass player. Chromosomes don't matter as long as you have the talent. As far as videos, we are always looking for women to be in the videos. If interested, contact us.

Howard - I thought we were just looking for women... What videos... What band?

You may be asking where you can find the music, which is of course the most important information you can get out of this interview.

The album, I'm Your Vampire, is scheduled to be released February 26, 2021.

Check out the following social media platforms to keep up with the band, and subscribe and follow to be notified when new music is available.

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