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Girl Gone Smart: Of course, delay the election.

The poll numbers are clear - Donald Trump is losing in a few of the normally guaranteed red states as of the writing of this piece. Yes, we can revisit poll numbers from 2016 that led us to believe HRC was going to win, and yes he may win the 2020 Electoral vote again.

But we all know he will lose the popular vote but by a much larger number than the three million in 2016. Thing is, he knows it too. He knows he may not win at all this year. He's scared.

For weeks Trump has been talking about a rigged election from foreign interference, mail-in voting, and absentee ballots. (Be sure you're registered and ready to vote by any means.) So his tweet this morning came as no shock:

Most of us already know Trump has very little understanding of the United States Constitution, but this may take the proverbial cake. I admit my heart skipped a tiny beat and I thought: Can this really happen? So I dug in, and people much smarter than me had quite a bit to say. Here are their comments.

Representative Jerry Nadler:

"Let's be clear: Trump does not have the ability to delay the election. Our elections are enshrined in the Constitution. The Constitution also says that if the date of the election is to be changed, it must be changed by Congress."

New York Attorney General Letitia James:

"New York will lead in fighting any of Trump's efforts to delay the election and deny our right to vote. We are examining all legal options."

Patrick S. Tomlinson: (Author, Pundit, Science Channel)

"America doesn't have an election on the first Tuesday of November. America has 51 little ones. Each state plus DC runs their own election. Trump cannot order them to delay or cancel their elections individually, just as he couldn't order individual state governments to reopen their economies during the Covid shut downs.

But that's the play. He'll say the election results are inconclusive because "Real America" didn't have a chance to be heard yet. ... Will it work?

But regardless of this plan, Trump ceases to be President on January 20th. Both he and Pence are out if there's no agreement on the election outcome. The presidency then falls to Speaker Pelosi until it's sorted out."

Philip Ewing: (NPR Politics)

"In a tweet riddled with baseless conspiracy theories, President Trump suggested delaying the November election. Election Day has been set in federal law since 1845 and would require Congressional consent to delay - that power is not Trump's." Full article.

To sum it up, this is a non-starter. The country's attention today was on the service of John Lewis, and President Barack Obama's eulogy of this great man.

Also today, the US GDP - the broadest measure of economic activity - shrank at an annual rate of 32.9% in the 2nd quarter of 2020. This is the worst economic slump in modern American history.

Trump's tweets and speeches are going to get worse. He's going to be more racist, more outrageous, and we're heading into another Great Depression. We have one foot in the grave.

Let's not get distracted.

#election2020 #useconomy

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