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Girl Gone Smart: Parents, now is your chance to rid yourself of the pesky "liberal" education

So very often I see adults complaining about the "liberal" education their children are getting in the New York State public school system and more often, in colleges around the country.

Conservative parents: Now that most (all?) schools in NYS have announced closure until the fall, you can educate them how you wish!

Skip all those fancy liberal science classes. You don't need your kids to understand biology or chemistry. Why? Because these classes entail experimentation where your child will understand how theories become tested and verified. Phooey! Waste of time.

Skip world history because, well, let's be honest - it's not close to accurate anyway if we're telling the truth. Text books in the United States are egocentric (and very white) when it comes to the history of not only our country, but the world. Here's an idea - have them read and memorize the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution instead. You should, too.

Forget English Literature because that requires reading, researching, and writing. Does your child really need the ability to think critically?

When this pandemic is over and your children return to their schools or colleges, make sure you educate their teachers on your curriculum. They'll be so grateful for your knowledge and foresight. Be sure to explain to them what a "liberal" education means to you so they get it.

Author note: This post is sarcasm or satire - however you prefer to define it. Academically, liberal arts is a philosophy of education empowering individuals with broad knowledge and transferable skills, and a stronger sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement. It provides broad exposure to various fields of study, topics, and learning methods designed to help an individual understand their place in this world.

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