Girl Gone Smart: Thank you, Omari Newton - a hero in your own right

Photo owned by Omari Newton.

This past week, an American hero showed the country how to handle the ridiculousness of this administration. I began writing a piece about how Megan Rapinoe was already an amazing woman and role model, but then Omari Newton's post was shared with me.

I can't add to what he has already written, and I'm so grateful he has allowed me to share his viral post on Girl Gone Smart. If you have yet to read what he had to say, carry on...

"If you're a dude like me, you may have missed the most badass sports moment of the year. I'm going to amplifying this story, because it's too good not to share. So, US women’s soccer star and team captain Megan Rapinoe was asked by a reporter if she would celebrate a world cup victory at the white house. She, like an absolute BOSS, eloquently responded:

“I’m not going to the fucking White House.”

(The video of her response is even better. She scoffed first, appropriately disgusted by the mere suggestion she would meet with agent orange.)

By the way, Rapinoe was also the first high profile white or female athlete to take a knee during the national anthem in support of Colin Kaepernick and #BlackLivesMatter, because she's an intersectional boss, and not just a boss, but I digress.

K... So, after her white house comments, 45 and his minions were predictably pissed. Tweets were tweeted, vitriol was spewed her way, the yokels were clearly upset.

Rapinoe was then asked before her last game, a massive quarter final match against France, if she retracted her statements about boycotting the White House. She then proceeds to double down, because she's a gosh damn international treasure.

So now, the pressure is ON.

The French crowd is hostile. 45K plus people are booing her every time she touches the ball (because despite some great PR about love and baguettes, and the makeup of most of their national teams, France has a whoooole lot of bigoted, conservative, douche canoes in their country.)

In the Face of all this hatred and hostility, what does Megan Rapinoe do?

She scores not one, but TWO goals for the USA.

The ONLY two goals her team scores, leading them to a 2-1 victory. She also struck the instantly iconic pose above as a glorious F U to the hostile crowd upon scoring. After her dominant game, a reporter asked her whether it being Pride month made her contribution more personally significant. Her response? “Go gays! You can’t win a championship without gays on your team - it’s never been done before, ever. That’s science, right there!" “I’m motivated by people who like me, who are fighting for the same things. I take more energy from that than from trying to prove anyone wrong. That’s draining on yourself. But for me, to be gay and fabulous, during Pride month at the World Cup, is nice.” So, there it is. That's the most badass sports story of the year that a lot of us dudes probably missed at first like I did. Please share it with your friends, especially fellow dudes, cause it's up there with anything Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant, or Tiger Woods have done in a big game. Maybe even more badass. We must protect Megan Rapinoe at ALL COSTS.

Happy pride friends. #GoGays!"

Let's please recognize that Omari himself is a hero as well. He's not afraid to amplify the voices that need amplification and if our country needs anything at this time, it's that. Thank you, Omari.

All of you should find Omari on social media at: @OmariAkilNewton on Instagram and Twitter.

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