Girl Gone Smart: The bodacious, audacious fly

Photo: B. Beauvais

I had started writing a post about the presidential debate last week, but realized I had absolutely nothing enlightening, funny, or new to write about.

It's clear if you still support Donald Trump after his obvious dog-whistle to the white supremacy group the proud boys (or is leather boys now?) and his blatant refusal to condemn white supremacy, you're a racist. Americans know this by now.

You know this by now.

None of this is new information to you and feigning ignorance or confusion is just sending your own type of dog-whistle that it's okay to vote for a racist and someone who is detrimental to people you love. We are all past that point of confusion.

But the election is 25 days away, and a third candidate entered the race for Vice-President of the United States last night. It took exactly two minutes and three seconds to set the world alight.

A hero.

A nation captivated.

An incredible performance.

A breakout star.

A "shoo-in" for a SAG Award.

Within minutes, Twitter declared the fly the clear winner of the debate. Stephen King weighed in with his usual with wit and humor.

But similar to the Presidential debate, the Democratic nominee, Kamala Harris, wiped the floor with Republican incumbent Mike Pence.

Pence, who aligns so heavily with Christian Evangelicals ("Mother") proved again he doesn't actually believe in his Biblical teachings. He looked straight into the camera at every opportunity and lied to us. Over and over again. We knew it. The fly knew it.

Do the right thing, if not for yourself, then for the people you love. Vote Blue all the way through.