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Girl Gone Smart - Time is of the essence - Troy city schools dismantling reading program

Tomorrow, May 20, Troy City School Superintendent John Carmello is proposing the removal of the entire Reading Department in the Troy city school district even though only 29% of the student population reads at their grade level.

Research shows:

  • Literacy is an essential skill for functioning in society.

  • Dyslexia occurs in 1 out of 5 children in the United States and is the leading cause of reading failure and school dropouts in the country.

  • Literacy professionals play crucial roles associated with student achievement including assessing the strengths and needs of students.

  • Poor reading is associated with increased risk for attempted suicide, incarceration, anxiety, and depression.

  • School districts with reading specialists tend to have higher student achievement and higher graduation rates.

A petition was started last week and as of the publication of this blog, there are 640 signatures, including mine. Please consider adding yours. Below is the content of the petition. Remember the Board of Education votes on this tomorrow - it's NOT too late.

"To Superintendent John Carmello and the Troy Board of Education,

We the undersigned Troy parents, residents, and neighbors urge you not to eliminate the entire district’s Reading Department and its 25 reading specialists, a majority of which have worked in Troy City Schools for over 15 years. In a district where 71% of students are reading below grade level, this proposal is reckless and will negatively impact all Troy students. We understand the unprecedented nature of this moment the district finds itself in, with looming cuts from the state as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19. These past few weeks alone were challenging enough for Troy students and our community. If the Board approves this proposal, It will only increase their struggles when we (hopefully) return to the classroom in the fall. Instead, we call on you to explore other ways to close its budget gap, including tapping more into its reserves, combining or reducing the number of newly created administrative positions, or working collaboratively with teachers and staff to reduce the district’s costs while minimizing the impact on Troy’s students."

Please, for the sake of the students and teachers, SIGN THE PETITION to save the reading department and then please share it on your social media accounts. You do not have to live within the Troy city school district to have your signature counted and mean something. If you are uncomfortable providing your information online, below are two other ways you can participate.

After you sign, you will be prompted for a donation - this is NOT related to the petition and you do not have to donate in order for your signature to be counted.

You'll see at the top of the page that your signature has been recorded.

Make a quick call:

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their name and email address online. If you're not, please consider making a quick phone call or sending an e-mail to both parties:

You can copy this email:

As a concerned citizen, I am asking you to reconsider abolishing the Reading Program for Troy City Schools. Reading is necessary for fundamental life productivity such as critical thinking, stress relief, higher education, and overall better grades in every other area of study. Do not do this to the students, to the teachers, or to the parents. It is a huge disservice and will be felt throughout a student's educational path.

Thank you

I ask again for you to please sign, call, or email. Your voice is incredibly important and as the title states - time is of the essence.

#girlgonesmart #girlgonereading #troy #troyny

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