Girl Gone Smart: Trump f**ked it up again...


Last night an ignoramus decided to post on my social media page: "Aren't you grateful Trump closed the borders and approved SBA loans a few months ago? #trump2020!"

I think I spent five minutes laughing at her ignorance and tried to discern whether it was worth a response. I had forgotten she even existed in my social media world because I unfollowed her about two years ago. In a private conversation, this same woman wrote she gets scared when she sees Muslims sitting on a plane. When I asked how she knows someone is Muslim, she deleted her response and ended the conversation. (For those who may be racist and ignorant like her, Muslims do not wear turbans, Sikhs do, and lots of brown and black people practice other religions.)

I then responded that the borders are not closed, COVID-19 is already here, and I'm grateful he finally listened to the experts with his arms crossed over his chest like the scared, frail man he is. Then I decided to just remove and block her. You can't teach an old (or young) racist new tricks. #BeGone

For those who may not have checked the facts, Trump spouted several errors last night that sent US citizens around the world into a panic. One person reportedly paid up to $20,000 to get a flight from France to New York last evening after the bungled announcement, only to realize later the "president" misspoke - again.

FALSE: The border is closed Friday, March 13.

TRUE: US citizens, immediate family of US citizens, and UK citizens (Ireland, Scotland) are exempt and able to come in through our borders with screening. Japan is also exempt. It should be noted that none of the areas where Trump owns golf courses and resorts are included in this ban.

FALSE: Trump claimed health insurers have agreed to waive all co-payments for COVID-19 treatment.

TRUE: Co-payment (and payment for some insurers) is waived for testing, not treatment.

FALSE: The prohibitions will apply to trade and cargo from Europe, and "various other things."

TRUE: The European ban does NOT apply to goods and trade.

Be safe folks, and keep updated on the latest news on your own. We can't trust this administration to do the right thing, ever.

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