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Girl Gone Smart: Upset about liquor stores being essential in New York?

I was too. Well, not upset but very confused and of course like many of you, couldn't understand why liquor stores were deemed essential businesses allowed to remain open.

I'm not an alcohol counselor or an addiction specialist, but the people who agreed to talk with me are.

"Now is not that time for hospital beds and emergency rooms to be utilized by folks in active withdrawal. They will say... "They can still purchase beer from stores." But it's not the same. Some alcoholics can drink liters of vodka daily. Without it, they will die." Says Robin Johnston, a Chemical Dependency Counselor in St. Lawrence County.

It was Ms. Johnston who first posted a social media message making her friends aware of the why. I was grateful because it was something I hadn't even considered, and then I felt a bit foolish for scoffing at the notion.

Sheena Smith, Director of the St. Lawrence County Chemical Dependency Agency had this to add:

"Yes, alcohol is still the leading abused substance in all of America. People can die from alcohol withdrawal if they quit abruptly. We are trying to keep people out of the hospital, not put them in it."

I hope this brings some clarity if you hadn't understood before.

Please be kind and understanding toward each during this time.

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