Girl Gone Smart: White people - please stop it

Look, I get that writing this may be doing exactly what I'm suggesting you stop doing, but it needs to be said.

I don't care how "woke" you are or how woke you think you are, but your commentary on Ahmaud Arbery isn't helping. Your voice does not have a place unless it's to AMPLIFY black voices. Unless you are sharing and supporting what those voices are saying and have been saying for years, just stop.

Five years ago I would have written a piece expressing my horror and condemning the father and son team who murdered Mr. Arbery. Today, I read and share pieces written by those who have been screaming from the rooftops for generations.

I get it, though. You want people to know you're on the right side of history. You want people to understand your frustration, too. But it's not about you. It used to be really important to me as well... what people thought, but it isn't anymore.

It doesn't matter what I say and what I think. It matters what I do, and all that I do now is add my voice. I don't try to shout louder or argue longer. I stand behind people, beside them if invited, who need the space and time to be heard, and I support them with action and amplification. That's all.

Read and share the following articles. They're thoughtful, intelligent, and you'll be amplifying the important voices we all need to hear right now.

By Jenn M. Jackson - Ahmaud Abery's Killing is a Reminder Between Non-Racist and Anti-Racist

By Jameelah Nasheed - Ahmaud Abery was Killed for Running Down the Street

Note: I'm seeing various spellings of Mr. Arbery's last name. I'm using the spelling provided by NYLAG, an organization dedicated to fighting for equal access to the justice system.

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