Girl Gone Traveling: Finding your People

Almost 3 years ago I made the decision to book a cabin on Flogging Molly's salty dog cruise and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I went by myself, not knowing a single person who was going to be on the boat, which at the time was huge for me as I get incredibly anxious around large groups of people and by large I mean 5-10. But so many amazing bands were playing on this boat and at 40 years old I'd never really taken myself on a vacation as an adult.

I'm so incredibly happy that I made this decision. From the minute I got out of my cab to get in line for the boat I felt like *these are my people*. It's so hard to explain to anyone who hasn't had an experience like this how amazing it is to meet roughly 2000 strangers and feel unconditional love and acceptance among them. The constant hugs and just random positive comments from people who a moment ago were strangers to you.

Having been back for almost a week now I find myself getting sad that I don't live in a world where this is the rule and not the exception. I see lots of posts reflecting my feelings by other *shipmates* in our Facebook group.

The point I want to make to everyone is book that vacation, go to that exhibit, get out of your comfort zone and just do something you've wanted to but were too afraid to do alone. You never know how lucky you might be in meeting *your* people.

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Photo credit Ben Morse