Girl Gone...?: How the f%@k has your morning been? *Language warning*

I wanted to write this morning and so as I normally do, I try to get myself in the right head space, drink some coffee, and pick a topic.

This post is my fourth attempt and I'm hitting publish regardless of what it turns out to be. Instead of saving drafts as I normally do, I just deleted the content and started again.

The first topic was: DeSantis? DeDumber.

He's worse than Trump because he's smarter. Why is that a bad thing? Because while Trump fumbled his way through his "presidency" like a feral, angry, and insecure toddler, DeSantis knows how to work the system to his advantage. He's quite literally dumbing down the entire population of Florida.

If he runs for President or Vice-president, he will do it to the entire country to where it's even worse than it is now.

The second topic was: I fell in love and now I'm embarrassed.

My June trip to Mexico was to get some relief from the incredibly painful and dark place in which I had been emotionally and physically. Between NY allergies beating the shit out of my already beaten up body, and additional RA and spine issues, I had to go. For two weeks I was in heaven. I was ready to start looking at properties to live there half the year.

But then I began reading articles about the gentrification of Mexico. Housing and apartment prices are skyrocketing because Americans (and a few other nationalities, but mostly us) are buying up these places faster than they can even go on the market. The ability to work from anywhere is killing the quality of life for local people. They can no longer afford rent in even the most unpopular or remote locations. I feel like an asshole. I almost became a part of their worst nightmare.

The third topic was: What the f%@k is happening?

Menopause. As a Lady of a Certain Age, this isn't easy to talk about. I've been angry at my Mom (rest in peace, legend) for not telling me what to expect in this phase of my life.

Well now I know why. She forgot. Most of our Moms forgot. If you had a Mom who remembered, you're one of the lucky few because you had opportunity to prepare.

I don't remember words, names, places, or people. I can be in the middle of a sentence, speaking about a topic in which I'm an expert, and literally forget what I was going to say. It's maddening.

I'll save the physical crap for another time because I can't f%@king remember the specifics right now.

The fourth topic was: Boob sweat.

Where did it come from, because it has never been an issue for this girl. I'm both thrilled and horrified.

It's too hot and I'm ready for fall.

That's it. Have a beautiful day.