Girl Gone Reading: I'm Just Not a Girl's Girl

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

I’m not the girl you call when you want to go shopping because you’re sad and mad at your boyfriend or husband. I’m not the girl who will wear a flowery dress to your bridal shower though I will dress appropriately. I will, however, go to lunch or dinner with you to eat a burger and buy you a beer. My moments of “girlie girl-ness” are reserved for author Hester Browne.

I was initially fascinated by her name when it caught my eye on a book shelf in Barnes & Noble. My big brother used to call me Hester as a nickname. It drove me crazy and I told him he’s not allowed to call me that in front of my friends. (He did anyway.)

As a kid, I wasn’t aware it’s a real name for a woman and thought he was being annoying as big brothers are supposed to be.

If you’re anything like me, you get annoyed when you read the best book, and discover it’ll be a full year before the second or third book in the series is released. If you decide to check out this series, all three are out and have been for some time.

The first book series I read of Ms. Browne’s was The Little Lady Agency. The books included in this series are:

  • The Little Lady Agency (#1)

  • The Little Lady Agency and the Prince (#2)

  • Little Lady, Big Apple (#3)

I will warn you, they are (in my opinion) chick-lit and I’m normally not a fan. However, I do love almost any book set in London and always have, even before I traveled there for work. I read The Little Lady Agency before my first trip to the beautiful city, and I couldn’t help trying to find some of the landmarks in which the main character, Melissa, spends time.

One of the London Underground tube lines she takes often to go from one job to another is the Piccadilly Line, and not only is it fun to say, but there’s a stop called Piccadilly Circus. My friends who live there thought I was a bit crazy at how excited I was to see this.

The book has all the typical chick-lit fare – single woman, can’t hold a job, looking for her one and only, and so on. But the way Hester Browne writes her characters, the environment, and the various situations in which Melissa finds herself didn’t make me feel as if I was reading chick-lit. Even though I was married and had a job when I read the first book, every woman (and man, for that matter) can understand the desire to find the right partner, a great job, have a successful career, and a great group of friends.

I related to the circumstances and the characters very easily. I laughed, and I cried, and I rooted for this girl, this woman, to succeed. I won’t spoil the ending to any of the books by telling you whether or not Melissa does succeed in all her endeavors, but I truly recommend picking up these gems to find out for yourself.

If you like this series, Ms. Browne has a few others and I have read them all. She has a great writing style and a wonderful sense of humor. Let me know if you pick them up!

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