Girl Gone Off: Limitless outrage

Updated: May 3, 2019

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(language warning)

I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna go there. I'm going to talk politics.

First off, what in the ever living fuck are we currently living through?

Honestly I could have written that line at any point since November 2016.

But it's really quite something that the constitutional crises that experts have envisioned happening is NOW, isn't it?

We have a liar and a self-serving cheat in the oval office who spends more time watching Fox (Faux) news then actually working. We have pundits and white nationalists and lobbyists creating his policies and writing laws, because he's too goddamned dumb to have an even elementary understanding of how our constitution works. We have an entire party of our 2 party system (looking at you GOP) abdicating their oversight responsibility in order to benefit their party and themselves. Sure, there's a sociopath leading our country, but they'll excuse and write off his abhorrent behavior to get their tax plan for the wealthy and anti-choice legislation passed! Oh, and let's not forget about discriminating against the brown people or the trans people or the immigrant people or the poor people or the (fill in the blank) people because making an "other" class in this country to shoulder the blame is where it's at for them. We have a DOJ that is corrupted at the very top by an Attorney General hand picked by the president to look the other way. There's no longer just one atrocity every day - it's virtually nonstop. And it seems that the depths of corruption never end with this administration.

It's chaos. Everything is chaos. And I know, man, I get it - it is so fucking hard to focus on every despicable thing that this administration is doing, so people just tune it out. It's outrage fatigue, and it has been for close to 2 years now.

BUT THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT. That is what they are banking on. And, sadly, that is exactly what I see happening. If people are spread too thin to focus on one thing, then what chance do they have at stopping it? I'm guilty of it too from time to time. But mostly, I'm guilty of sharing the outrageous Washington Post or NY Times breaking stories on my Facebook page. And yesterday a friend, while lamenting how he just couldn't bring himself to care about the latest story of corruption, coined the phrase: limitless outrage. (sn: good name for a band.) His point was, good for you if you have limitless outrage at these people. I just can't.

And I get that. I really truly do. It's exhausting - mentally and physically and psychically exhausting. It is not healthy to get worked up about *everything* that is upsetting in the news and in the country. But we all have those values and ideas that are personal to us and fire us up. Politics ARE personal, right? And, two years into this shitshow of a presidency, I'm beginning to realize that it's ALL personal to me. It feels personal when they use taxpayer money to make the rich richer and line the pockets of the president. It feels personal when they ban trans military members - not because I'm trans and want to serve but because these are soldiers risking their lives for my freedom and deserve to serve regardless of who they are. It feels personal when countless new laws are being written to take away a woman's right to choose in other states because I am a woman that wants to control her own fucking body regardless of where I live. It feels personal when they try to close the border to refugees of war and rip families apart to deter more asylum seekers, not because I am a refugee or know one, but because I have empathy, and I recognize but for the luck that I was born into, that COULD BE me. So yes, it's all fucking personal. The way they are slowly destroying our values as a society is personal af.

Maybe I do have limitless outrage. But I deal with it the best I can. By reading the hard stories. By not ignoring ALL of it (even if I do need to shut it off from time to time.) By crying when I need to. By sharing my outrage in the hopes that others will also be outraged, because one angry woman is just an angry woman, but two or more is a fucking force. By making signs and showing up at protests and calling my lawmakers to make sure that my voice heard. By educating myself on candidate policies and records and then fucking voting. By donating to the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center and Planned Parenthood and RAICES and other worthy causes that are doing the hard work of fighting this administration in court, day in and day out. Because I need to feel like I have some power in this otherwise powerless time.

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