Girl Gone Reading: Looks Harmless Doesn't It?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

The book series I’m about to discuss gave me a completely different perspective on something we all see, admire, and frequently take photos of – the moon.

The series is called Moon Crash (sometimes also titled The Last Survivors Series) by Susan Beth Pfeffer and it’s comprised of four books:

  • Life As We Knew It (2006)

  • The Dead and the Gone (2008)

  • This World We Live In (2010)

  • The Shade of the Moon (2013)

Imagine my excitement when I looked up the author’s name to be sure I had the correct spelling and learned The Shade of the Moon had been published. I have not read this one but will be downloading it this afternoon.

Life As We Knew It is told from the perspective of a 16 year old girl, Miranda, who lives with her family. Sounds normal right? But then you realize they are part of a very small group of survivors in their small town in Pennsylvania. The book is post-apocalyptic but not in the sense that there was a war, there are no zombies, and the population wasn’t struck down by a disease.

The moon was hit by an asteroid and moved closer to the earth. Think about that for a moment. I don’t need to give you a science lesson for you to grasp the impact of how that would affect life on earth. It’s freezing, food is scarce, and so is medical care. Most of us who read the Albany Times Union here in the northeast are fully aware of what our winters are like now. This book struck a nerve because it feels real. It feels like this could happen right now.

The story isn’t exaggerated in a way that a lot of post-apocalyptic books (or movies) are. It’s written beautifully but simply in diary-style, and it’s very easy to put yourself in Miranda’s shoes as you’re reading.

The next two sequels are just as good. The Dead and the Gone occurs at the same time as Life As We Knew It but is set in New York City. The issues are the same but the challenges the characters face are much different. There is no walking into the woods to get fire wood, there is no borrowing food from a neighbor – it’s kill or be killed. The third, This World We Live In, goes back to Miranda and her family about a month after her story ends in the first novel. As I mentioned above, I have not yet read The Shade of the Moon. From the description on it continues to follow Miranda’s family but from the perspective of a different family member.

I love photos of the moon but it's a very difficult image to capture. When I do see them however, I find myself asking “What if that was just a bit closer than it was yesterday?”

Check out the series and let me know what you think!

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