Girl Gone Eating: Nighthawks - Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner!

Our next adventure, Dear Readers, is going to take us to Nighthawks in Troy.

My first visit was for brunch. Every weekend is something different so try not to fall in love with what you have, like I did. I decided to go with a waffle with almond streusel, fresh blackberries and whipped ricotta. It has been months since I had this and I'm still craving another. The waffle was perfectly fluffy. However the real stars of the plate were the blackberries and almond streusel.

I remember while eating saying to my friend how amazingly fresh the berries tasted. The streusel was a dream, it was salty, crunchy, and slightly sweet. I'm big on texture and the combination of all the ingredients was wonderful. The whipped ricotta gave everything the perfect balance. I attempted to replicate it at home and while mine came out tasty, I really need to find out how to nail that streusel.

Lunch was more recent. I'd seen the picture of their fried chicken sandwich on Facebook and knew I had to try it. Sooner or later, readers, you will find out that mac n cheese and fried chicken are two of my favorite things to eat. Back to the sandwich!

I was a bit disappointed when it arrived at the table because in the picture it had that fried chicken crust and that is the best part, but there was no need for my initial disappointment. The chicken thigh was very juicy and well seasoned. There were multiple chicken thighs on my sandwich because pieces of chicken were falling off everywhere. Normally I'm not a big fan of coleslaw, but the house made coleslaw and pickles on the sandwich had a great crunch and tang. Again, really good balance of flavors and combinations of textures that I really enjoyed.

Now for dinner, and the reason I was most excited about this place. Ever since Brown Bag in Troy closed ,I've been on a quest to find my new Holy Grail of burgers. On this occasion I brought my mom and my friend Tracy. All three of us got the cheeseburger with bacon and fries. Fries here are top notch - thin and crispy and just the right amount of salt. The sandwich itself is massive. We all decided the best way to eat it would be to cut it in half. We all agreed the bacon was a bit well done making it a challenge to cut through. All of our burgers were cooked perfectly to temperature. We had some struggles with our burger buns falling apart but all of us very much enjoyed them. Overall delicious burger but my quest will continue...

Did I mention they get all of their ingredients locally? There is a list of all the local farms and vendors they get their products from and you can check it out for yourself on their website at . The American cheese is made on premise which is really cool!

A few things to note:

It's a relatively small space with a handful of tables.

Both brunch and dinner filled up very quickly. I'd recommend getting there early.

They regularly do special events and pop up nights with other chefs.

The next special event is garam garam on March 10th which I'm really hoping I can make. It's Pakistani food done by visiting chef Mariam Shah out of Pangaea in Bennington, VT.

One of this upcoming weekend's brunch specials. Pancakes with fried chicken tossed in hot honey with gravy!

The menu changes weekly based on season and availability because everything is fresh and local. The head chef is Josh Coletto whom you might know from Low Beats rock n roll brunch. I can't recommend this place enough. Would love to hear your feedback on your experiences as well!

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